WHISKED: Cooking Up Community
Camille J. Gage WHISKED: Cooking Up Community community created cookbook
WHISKED: Cooking up Community
community created cookbook
Limited edition of 100

Whisked: Cooking up Community was created for the Artists in the Kitchen exhibition hosted by the Textile Center. The exhibition was a partnership with the Women Chefs and Restaurateurs 25th Anniversary National Conference and paired women artists and chefs (many of whom had never met) to envision an artwork together which the artist would then render in the medium of her choice.

Chef Molly Herrmann and I had never crossed paths, but quickly felt an affinity as we discovered our shared passion for the myriad ways that cooking and eating brings people together. The preparation of food not only reflects our values, traditions, and incredible diversity; it’s also an expression of love. A community-created cookbook seemed the perfect way to bring this passion to life for the Artists in the Kitchen exhibition.

Proceeds from this project are being donated to the Immigrant Law Center of MN. To purchase a copy of the book visit www.whisked.strikingly.com and purchase online or email Camille directly.

Camille J. Gage WHISKED: Cooking Up Community
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